Fundraising Foodbank at Fitrah Qaseh

Giving is not just about make a donation, its about making a difference

Foodbank at Fitrah Qaseh
25th November 2022

On the 25th November 2022, Student Representative Council (SRC) committee and some of lecturers are together feeds off an adrenaline high of giving back to ensure that we remain well-grounded, empathetic and active citizens. This community also works extensively with a comprehensive network of private businesses who have community interests and sustainability at heart. It is this heart and compassion that keeps the centre going.

This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program was being completed at “Rumah Perlindungan Fitrah Qaseh” in Bandar Dato Onn, Johor Bahru. This program started from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and it was launched by our Campus Coordinator, Madam Hasanah binti Haridin with a Coordinator of SRC and a Project Manager for this CSR program is Abdul Rahman Auf (Communication and Corporate Affairs). 

The main objective of the Foodbank is to ensure that there is continuous sustainability of food generating project for orphans, homeless, women, children and youth generation in the organization and the community. Our team also said big thank you to a group of students, donators and sponsor helping us with some food donations. Totally unexpected!

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