Training mode.This is how we conduct training for all, different groups have different requirement, so we cater accordingly.

Corporate. We are certified under PSMB’s Train the Trainer Program. Malaysian companies contributing to the HRDF funds can invite me to conduct trainings at your premises or at hotels. We provide laptops for trainings conducted in house.

Groups. Anyone interested in the above trainings can organize small training groups and contact me for trainings at your place, public community centers or hotel seminar rooms.

Individuals.One to one session can be arranged for individuals with very specific training needs.

NGOs and no- profit organizations. Minimum fee or free for deserving groups organized under these organizations.

Schools Free or minimum fee for trainings conducted at schools for school students and teachers.


Basic computing and Hardware Training

  1. Computer Basics for adults
  2. Computer Basics for children
  3. Computer Basics for house wives
  4. PC maintenance and Troubleshooting
  5. Microsoft Windows and Office
  6. Windows XP Basics
  7. Windows 7 Basics
  9. MICROSOFT EXCEL (Intermediate)
  10. MICROSOFT EXCEL (Advanced)
  11. Microsoft Word 2010/2007 (Foundation)
  12. Microsoft Word 2010/2007 (Intermediate)
  13. Microsoft Word 2010/2007 (Advanced )
  14. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2007 (Foundation)
  15. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2007 (Intermediate )
  16. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2007 (Advanced )
  17. Microsoft Access 2010/2007 (Foundation )
  18. Microsoft Access 2010/2007 (Intermediate)
  19. Microsoft Access 2010/2007 (Advanced )
  21. Microsoft Powerpoint 2007and EXCEL 2007 integration course

Designing of websites and related softwares

  1. Designing websites
  2. Creating Presentation and Animation Using Flash (CS5)
  3. Developing Website Using Flash (CS5)
  4. Photoshop For the beginner
  5. Photoshop Editing Photos
  6. Photoshop Creating graphics and pictures for the web
  7. Photoshop Selection technique
  8. Illustrator For the beginner
  9. Illustrator Working with Gradient Mesh Tool
  10. Illustrator Live Tracing
  11. Illustrator Creating Banners and Fliers
  12. Dreamweaver Creating websites
  13. Fireworks Creating Graphics for the web

Soft skills Training

  1. Time Management
  2. Stress Management
  3. Manager as a Coach
  4. Supervisory Skills