• Certificate Program

    Exposed to tourism and business as well as the hospitality and management industry through Certificate Travel Operation and Business Management

  • Diploma Program

    Diploma programme that has been specially designed to produce graduates who have market driven. Take the first step and be part of this excitement.

  • MBA

    Our program accredited by MQA. After completion of study, students will receive 2 certificates (one from MUST, one from CMI). Apply Now!

  • Corporate Training

    We strive for high quality and have a wide range of affordable IT and Business Professional Development Programs. Apply Now!


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  • Intake for Certificate Program (REGISTER NOW)

    Being the only Certificate programme in Business Management and Travel Operation studies, this 18-month programme is a pre-requisite to enable students with less than 3 credits to pursue a Diploma of their choice. Taught in a small class setting, students pick up crucial skills and knowledge to adapt.

  • Intake for Diploma Program (REGISTER NOW)

    Join us AND BE THE BEST. Metropoint College is a vibrant community that seeks to enroll students of all backgrounds and interests.

  • MBA Program

    MBA programme is offered through a collaboration with Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI).


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